A powerful and simple music player
in the style of Dieter Rams

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Keep your music simple

The T3 app is designed for people who love minimalism and beautiful vintage design. Inspired by the designs of Dieter Rams, this app is perfect to escape from the chaos of your music library. Select your favorite songs, add to the playlist and enjoy. The app is fully retina and has special support for the iPhone 5. With Airplay you can listen on all of your other devices. English, Spanish, and a total of 8 different languages are supported.

A powerful music player

T3 has simplified all the standard controls of a music player without loosing any of the functionality.

Build your favorite playlist

Organize your songs in an easy way. Add from your library and build your playlist.

Pixel perfect on all iPhones

Specifically designed for each iPhone display including the iPhone 5. All with pixel perfect retina graphics.